• integrated green transition for regional identity: devise and implement actions for the qualification and sustainable redevelopment of regional tourism oriented towards the enjoyment of the specific identity, cultural, landscape and natural features of the territory, following the principles of green transition, with a view to integrating the tourism offer and with a specific focus on wellbeing
  • big data and digital for tourism: innovate and digitally connect the region’s tourism offer and promotion, through data analytics and artificial intelligence tools and the digitalisation of the tourism offer; support the innovation of product marketing processes (e.g. management solutions, electronic payment and booking systems, etc.) and the reorientation of the tourism market in the region, in order to improve the quality of the tourism offer and the quality of the services offered. Support the activation of transformative processes capable of respecting the principles of safety and social inclusiveness in tourism and of favouring the empowerment (up skilling) of businesses and operators in the sector, in order to promote better management of tourist destinations (destination management).
I Clust-ER sono finanziati dai Fondi europei della Regione Emilia-Romagna - POR FESR 2014-2020 e con risorse del Fondo per lo sviluppo e la coesione FSC 2014-2020.